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Up, up, and never away

Suspension Balloons, originally uploaded by bristol_bound.

“The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.” - B.B. King


  1. One Person can do this to me , the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the work of Isambard Kingdom Brunel ..Piccadilly Circus is considered the most visited site in London and is a hub of activity from morning to night. The London equivalent of Times Square, Piccadilly Circus is formed by the junction of five streets and is one of the busiest traffic circles in the world. People crowd around the steps of the statue known as Eros, the Greek God of Love (but really meant to be the angel of charity), erected in 1892 as a memorial to the Earl of Shaftsbury, the Victorian philanthropist.

    Piccadilly Circus is a good place to meet . However it's where we parted company nearly a Year ago ....
    We made it our Farewell Place and this picture shows the house where my Christmas was made extra special with the Janke Family , Ana Janke being on Plaxo as a Teacher and Painter doing Yoga.
    In reality my wish is to accord to Sir Timothy Berners-Lee the respect to which Railway Enthusiasts show respect for Brunel.

    In our Lifetime the Railroads have been in decline and need attention, especially in Africa where Cecil Rhodes planned for his Wealth to make railroads from Cairo to Cape Town... However, Sir Timothy must surely be the Brunel of The Cyberspace Information Super Highways.

    It was B.B. King who made the words, Hold On, so special... Moments like this make me glad we met. Yes, Sir ! One good part of the 2009 we come to share through Time passing. Chance moments where I pray for a spirit of adventure to guide our Paths ... I think of how Letting Go is harder than Holding On. My journey to Ukraine is delayed after two motorists crashed and drove into the Orange Bus which was taking me to Ukraine. Only made it as far as Cheltenham and JESUS HIT ME .... a Lady came from Holy Communion at Saint Peter's Church, Leckhampton and driving away, in turning at the cross-roads where I was waiting, another driver smashed into both of us. I write and remember our peaceful drive and ask for your prayers so Ukraine appears on the Horizon before too long.


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