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To be or not to be. That's not really a question. that Jean-Luc Godard quote

Craving a detox of heart and mind, I was very grateful to listen as Sadani recited the following poem at YYTT over the weekend. To me, it's a message of simplicity, aiming to clear our hearts for receiving so that we always have capacity to give. Sadani beautifully states that acceptance of these counter-intuitive truths doubles the size of the universe. I like that.

by Lao Tzu from Tao Te Ching

Thirty spokes
Meet in the hub,
Where the wheel isn't
Is where it's useful.

Hollowed out,
Clay makes a pot.
Where the pot's not
Is where it's useful.

Cut doors and windows
To make a room.
Where the room isn't,
There's room for you.

So the profit in what is
Is in the use of what isn't.

Good work, Iowa

Really excited about these two... come on New Hampshire!

My faith is my life - it defines me. My faith doesn't influence my decisions, it drives them. ... Real faith makes us humble and mindful, not of the faults of others, but of our own.

I ask you to believe - not just in my ability to bring about real change in Washington. I'm asking you to believe in yours.