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Global Dwelling

Coffs Harbour Jetty, aslinya di-upload oleh -yury-

Dive into the world you believe in. And as you carve the life you crave, here's few fun strategies to lighten your days: 
  • Celebrate where you’re from, past and present. Your family and friends, your neighbourhood and neighbours, your school, your city and country, your job, your planet and your creator, have made today possible. Plan and support reunions, milestones and tributes.
  • Seek out people who inspire you and welcome support from unexpected sources, strangers, books and lyrics. Allow chemistry to work its magic; welcome hints and change, no matter how seemingly strange.
  • Live comfortably. Weed out what doesn't work, what doesn't make you thrive, in your closet, your kitchen, your garden, your inbox and your relationships. Make room to evolve at any time. 
  • Keep moving. Feel your heart pound. Sweat and laugh your stresses out every chance you get. Feed your spirit. Hear it whisper. Feel divinity in your own body. Don't make it scream. Looking after yourself is not vanity, it's survival. Embody your will to THRIVE! 
      • Eat naturally. Lose the non-food fluff and accent everything with greens. Spice up your water and your food with freshly ground earthy flavours such as (cucumber, peppermint, lemons, slices of orange and ginger.
      • Shiver daily. Find something to take your breath away each day. If all else fails, just before you get out of the shower take a deep breath to mentally prep yourself, then quickly switch the tap to cold. Let it blast you at least once, then turn it off to kickstart an invigorating bloodstream refresh. 
      • Take notes and send notes. Keep a guestbook or a journal of quotes to self-encourage. Assure yourself, writing the things you know to be true. Send thank you cards and just because cards. 
      • Continually assess what to put first. Surround yourself with opportunities to support what's important to you. Celebrate progress as you revisit your goal list every single day. 
      "Live a life that has never been lived before, in which everything you experience is yours and only yours. Make accidents on purpose.” — Jonathan Safran Foer, A Convergence Of Birds.


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