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So fresh and so GreenGreen

“I want to redefine green as geostrategic, geoeconomic, capitalist, and the most patriotic thing you can do. My mantra is that green is the new red, white, and blue.” - Thomas Friedman

Picadilly Please!

Through the rain, to the soul of everything.

Messy Yogi

in iyengar fashion, "when i practice, i am a philosopher, when i teach, i am a scientist, when i demonstrate, i am an artist..."

craving montage x

Bonsai Juniper

My Bonsai died. Some loving green thumb compared the pokie friend to a watermelon because you shouldn't water these plants like you would, say, a tomato plant. Don't let them dry up, but don't soak; Their fruits seek out the water to become their sweetest. Their sweetness is a direct result of thirst. Nice analogy...The thirst is within all of us to create, to bring into existence the unique pieces of our inner world. Learn from the fruits, to seek the water and never stop yearning. Alive again.

kiss the infinite

In Daniel 7:2, the four winds of Heaven stir up the great sea...
Stillness creates love. Movement creates life.
To be still and still moving, is everything.

"The still waters of a lake reflect the beauty around it. When the mind is still, the beauty of the Self is seen reflected in it."
—BKS Iyengar

Global Dwelling

Coffs Harbour Jetty, aslinya di-upload oleh -yury-

Dive into the world you believe in. And as you carve the life you crave, here's few fun strategies to lighten your days:  Celebrate where you’re from, past and present. Your family and friends, your neighbourhood and neighbours, your school, your city and country, your job, your planet and your creator, have made today possible. Plan and support reunions, milestones and tributes.Seek out people who inspire you and welcome support from unexpected sources, strangers, books and lyrics. Allow chemistry to work its magic; welcome hints and change, no matter how seemingly strange.Live comfortably. Weed out what doesn't work, what doesn't make you thrive, in your closet, your kitchen, your garden, your inbox and your relationships. Make room to evolve at any time. Keep moving. Feel your heart pound. Sweat and laugh your stresses out every chance you get. Feed your spirit. Hear it whisper. Feel divinity in your own body. Don't …