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"Genius is the ability to put into effect what is on your mind. "
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Why I love Darcy Day... (another excerpt from her blogosphere, illustrated by friendship)

This idea--that the future is yours for the taking--is a source of simultaneous solace and great discomfort for me. I love and embrace the belief that life is only yours to define, but am I the only one who fears, underneath it all (after my puffed up chest deflates and my big talk trails off), that I won't have what it takes to ever realize that kind of freedom?

I mean, I do enough: pick up and move to New York...turn down a raise/"promotion" because it's not the right direction for me...walk away from men who are perfect on paper, but lack the essential spark...but I don't do stuff that makes me proud of myself often--which would be in any regular fashion. Daily, even weekly, strides would be more satisfying. If I get beyond a month, I start to feel a little (and then a lot) LOST, …


Man's power is in his prayer. And where prayer goes, God follows. -Yogi Bhajan

You ask me how I know He lives; He lives within my heart. Anchor me, so that I may Tap the Reservoir -

If you live each day as if it were your last, some day you'll be right.

Dance your Life

I often think of what I'd do, 'if I could do anything,' and the confirmed answer: dance. perform. create. instruct. spread the good word.

"it's about collaboration; you have to leave room for their voice, because they are special. If an artist of dancer leaves the room (and is) the same person who walked in, it was a waste of time. It's all about growth." MIA MICHAELS. "if i repeat a step, or continue in the same direction, or don't feel that I'm exploring, I can be really hard on myself."

Step up to the inner monologue. This is/was my dream; I just had no idea it would arrive so soon. Growing up in this studio i learned so much more than dance and cheerleading. And those are the things i can hardly wait to get in there and teach again.

This is our privilege, not God's necessity.

Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4

Wild, Untamed, Unchartered

I am taking time.
I have let go of the reins
I am finding my life.
I wish for you the same.
-Sabrina Ward Harrison

To have the right priorities
a man’s focus must not be
on the head, but on the heart;
not on himself, but on God;
not on time, but on eternity.
Roy Lessin

What if there's a hope you never dreamed of, worth hoping for?

(Nicole Nordeman) Why Knot?