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Time has Shown me, Infinity within Me

stumbled along a lovely perspective today

.... With every second that we breath, in each minute that our short lives tick, and in each
hour that we ponder, know that love so deep and pure lies buried below our surface like the sea that stirs our heart and the wind that swirls through our souls. We are - all of us - only bound by the limits of our own imagination - so dream on.

I have lived in Africa for 12 years, and also just returned from 4 years in Afghanistan and India. Seen a lot, learned something too, the most important being a reverence for all people on our planet who share the air that we breath, the land that we walk upon; and love, a common language to break down barriers and open closed doors! In overcoming hatred, fear, racism, chains and injustice we are expected to give back more than we take out, that way every drop of good is a drop in the 'good ocean'.

In a world of dust and bullets, every day love shines through, strong and hard, because deep inside we are bound by a common destiny, intricately woven together like a single story; the letters and words that brings our collective tapestry together. Knowing that pain in one is suffering in all, good people struggle for truth over dishonesty, though often against the flow of lifes tide. With love, all is suddenly possible, uncertainty evaporates and hope emerges like the morning first photon, the first flicker of a candle, the first drop of rain after drought.

We are born with nothing but our senses and take nothing but our experiences when we go. We do not take our cars, planes, bank balance and guitars - life is a zero sum game on the capital front! So what do we take from life? The only enduring form of growth - is spiritual. Each and every moment lived is an opportunity for interaction with the world of other people. An opportunity to be at one; whether standing still in quite contemplation or spinning wildly out of control. The love that you take is equal to the love that you make - an interminable law of nature.

Life too is a story of roads not taken; of choices, of consequences, of gains and losses, of happiness and regrets, of love found and love torn apart. Yet, in each and every action, there is a Violet Symphony - an invisible feel - that guides us on. A winding road that brings us to the centre of the storm! A love that keeps you warm when winter bites hard! A smile that lights the way ahead! An unexpected stranger who makes your day and turns your life around! A fleeting touch or kiss that will be remembered until your dying breath! Of new adventures, young and old, beginning and ending.

Violet Symphony captures the spirit and mood of reflection and rebirth - of twilight days, denial and rediscovery, the pulse of life's rock and roll. Written and composed between late 2005 and spring 2006, and recorded at Sound Advice recording studios in New Delhi, India, Violet Symphony explores the spiritual journey of roads both taken and untaken; of highs to lows - stops to goes. The album is the synthesis of more than a little dreaming and scheming, bought to life by a serendipitous union of people from different backgrounds around a common purpose. In musical terms this is a distinctive mix of the 'alternative'; essential and vivid listening. The album was mastered in the UK.

This space, your space, virtual space, is an opportunity for learning, giving, loving and only taken what has been freely gifted. Live the life, live the dream.



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