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suppose you're going to be famous for one thing; what do u want it to be? with recent news as the poverty iceberg truly begins to drip, is it too lofty for us to aim to melt every drop to help us help the helpless?

i refuse to waste my life with/in a silly sandcastle that will inevitably return to sand. there's sandcastles all over the world, some with millions invested in them, others with weeping evacuees hiding behind them, every last one of them yearns more by the day, hungry and thirsty for more than any aid program, any possession could provide. the thought of all those who will never see or realize there is nothing here to satisfy us, only to hold, inspire, and remind us, because we were made for a whole other world we do not know! i want that to always turbo charge every thing i do. i want to reach out from that world, because i feel its evidence surrounding me, and i want to share it, because it burns so warmly and powerfully within me.

"If you have built castles in the air, Your work need not be lost;that is where they should be। Now put foundations under them." -Thoreau

my greatest fear isn't of failing, its succeeding at something that doesn't matter.
succeeding without having the time, interest or energy to keep an open,
available heart, to help plant and harvest along the way a field that will reap in the world that waits patiently for us.

I got involved with the One campaign last summer, and had been trying to get a job with their offices in DC but was quickly disappointed by complacency. In only one year, an audience of millions joined with the desire to allocate one percent of GDP to poverty. And due to responsiveness, they're expanding five more years, but seemingly only planning to lobby the Government, and recruit more individuals to sign the petition.
"Laughter is an affection arising from the sudden transformation of a strained expectation into nothing." -Immanuel Kant
What about consumers? And corporations? I was a bit too eager for call to action I suppose। Among my hopes were launching a college tour with ambitious, inspirational speakers to challenge a change, while promoting organizations (one's affiliates) who place people on the ground domestically and internationally to help (spring break trips, plus summer, and winter projects as well).

Government cannot resolve the issue of poverty single-handedly, because in corrupted systems such as Africa, those people need more than just money. They need the knowledge to develpe systems, backed up by hope from individuals who are contributing to the change. One of my biggest dreams is for more trusted means of assisting, streams that become integrated in people's lifestyles, such as credit cards with premiums that go to specific groups, etc... So much to be done, so much ability to help. I just wanna dive in.

Hope you're in good company, especially considering that most of the time, that's all that seems to matter. I love it how just one thing, one contact, or one person, can make a whole little mini-chapter of life fit perfectly into everything else.Grace and Peace- Always. Whatever you choose to do tomorrow, I look forward to following it.

Considering that our only purpose here is to build the kingdom of Heaven, make me more transparent everyday; share and reveal, to all who hunger and thirst, the God whose love for them they never knew.

"There can be no progress if people have no faith in tomorrow." -JFK

"It is hope that maintains most of mankind." -Sophocles


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