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Summer 2004

Of the 50 states, I landed in Missouri, never knowing how much I would enjoy it. Taught dance and counseled at Kanakuk Kamps, a Christian sports camp, near Branson for six weeks then went to San Antonio for the Chi Omega National convention. We had a great Make a Wish party there for a girl whose wish was to be a movie star. She got to shoot her own commercial, print over 1000 headshots, and then have fans and cameras all around her, plus a make-up trailer. Both were great... a 7-week period of doing little more than meeting and building relationships with amazing people.

After spending July 4th at home with the fam, I moved to Kansas City for a six week internship, which was amazing. Working in the Investment department for a large privately-held life insurance agency, was only a portion of the fun. Although I'm not convinced the corporate world can keep me entertained or satisfied in the long run, I really enjoyed the perspective, seeing an overview of so many industries and learning how they fit together. I'm also trying to learn about my parent's company through resources here so that too has been very interesting.

Living in Kansas City was a blast. I adore the people I stayed with, the new ones i met from KCS, and all the random things we did along the way. Rudy Giuliani spoke to promote a republican candidate for Governor across the street from our office my first evening here. Such an excellent speaker. I was seated next to Gen. Ashcroft's daughter and really enjoyed the rest of the company at our table as well. I also started english riding/jumping, and after riding western as a child and always wanting to convert, I was extremely satisfied. I must say that the work was balanced out by plenty of play.

A special weekend in Santa Fe sticks out too. One of the girls was showing in the national arabian horse show championships and wow, the event is spectacular. its a whole different world.

Konnection: Approaching the end of school is overwhelming in good and bad ways the same phrase of "I can do anything and go anywhere," a blessing and a curse. Not wanting to limit God's plan by creating my own I'm focused on surrending everything in me for HIM... my agenda, success, everything.


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