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Invisible Children

"We gathered together and laid together in an effort to unveil the worlds eyes to the greatest humanitarian crisis in the world. We united in an evening that defied the worlds standards of protesting and laid waste to ideas of a polarized America. We experienced an evening so rich that pictures and words could never do it justice. The world moved that evening and we were changed.

Everyone there understood why the sacrifice was worth making and understood their role in changing our world. As i walked around, I got a chance to look at peoples art projects and read their letters. I was astounded. Nearly two thousand people laid down in Austin, not out of anger, but out of love. The crowd seemed to stretch out endlessly across the grass and they LOVED these children halfway across the world."

-Sean Carasso, the passionate wonder who led our Austin movement

You may have heard about the documentary covering the situation, compiled by three dudes who traveled to Africa and were forever changed by the impact. I strongly encourage you to invest one hour and see for yourself why people are being stirred. The DVD is being shown all over Austin, across the US and beyond. I have a copy as well so if you’re interested just let me know.

Raise awareness about the longest running war in Africa, and one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world today, in which 1.7 million people are forcibly displaced, and an estimated 20- 50,000 CHILDREN are being abducted to fight as soldiers. Tens of thousands of children commute nightly to hide from the violence, and approximately 130 people are violently killed in Northern Uganda every day.

Many people cry out that the government should 'do something,' and that is why they pledge. But to me, not knowing what the government can actually 'do' apart from patching by aid and/or force, it's a call to have more people aware, and therefore praying. At some point we realize the limitations of what we can do elsewhere, and at a greater time, we realize the infinite amount of things we can do right here, around us. Regardless of how you are moved, I encouraged you to join us, in support these helpless victims in northern Uganda, and around the world.
No effort is too small - No effect too large.
Considering this (that the state of life in far away villages can be exposed and distributed in only the time it takes to produce a documentary), there's no such thing anymore, as hidden holocausts. The same question lingers from previous episodes in history, as the Holocaust rages. If we'd have known then, what would we have done?
Because we know now, and now we must do.


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