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Hide and Seek

i thrive around people, they distract me from me
but as endurance weakens, retreat becomes my necessity.

lately i've been dizzy, so may this reach YOU as an apology
i lie solo on the floor, my world spins relationally in study of me'ology.

on strings of revolutionary ardor i hang, as the synergy fueling me fuses
wondering whether i'm in over my head, i'm no longer at His feet, she muses

selfish tampers of the tempo, only find ourselves offbeat
why must we fault with formula, when the solution is complete

every song needs a chorus, defying roles and contradiction
where consistency breaks chains of change, to challenge things we'd rather not mention

to live a wild life in this world, I must untangle the mind
so if I leave this world for a while, it's in a flee to the Vine.

free in the flee,
free being me,
finding in surrender,
intimacy, instinct

stretched by idealism, persuing creativity,
revealed in ambiguous meaning,
preserving the realities it links

this life is not a waiting ground, but a brilliant holding place.
to find and share love, and with it, to embrace

we're all lonely, yet of those around me i am sum,
created to seek and to know our one and ONLY,
i remain infactuated by this one.


  1. did you write that? it's don't need to apologize for anything. Instead, please share how we can help you, how we can share the burden with you, how we can comfort you, how we can love you, how we can embrace that together we can love the one and only. By the way: It was such a privilege to pray with you the other night.

  2. Will Walters6:25 pm

    I like it. Since when do you write poetry colbs?
    Too many talents to mention.

  3. I'm glad I stumbled upon this.


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