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darcy day

A special tribute, writings by my dear Darcy Day, much more to come...!

I'm not a leader, not a follower; I'm a stall-er.
Thought I was a runner,
But I'm a crawler.
Talk of inspiration
But want it raw-er.

Used to be a fighter
But now I want it free-er
Seeking something a little me-er
So I can take a step back
and see her.

When you're young,
Everything is righter or wrong-er
But now life's just longer
Than I'm really in for.
I just want to sit here.
But I don't want to live there.

So it's back
To the pack, and the crowd's
Getting thicker.
With more faces, more sickness.
Which is okay
'cause there're more riches.

We'll just vaccinate our defenseless.
And return to insensitive.

The Legacy:

Materialistic, superficial, impatient, and under-developed
We smooth our shells with spray-on tans and gym memberships;
Straighten our hair, and buy form-fitting denim.
Men wear bracelets to display sensitivity.
Sunglasses represent mystery.
Integrity's history.

celebrity. identity.
Trapped in envying.

Time is the only thing left
That reminds us of Lone-li-ness.

Serums and botox turn the clock back
On bodies of emptiness.
And they waste it again.

What will the youth see
In the years that we've held the torch?
Vanity or remorse?
Players with no recourse.

I fear that our time will of come and gone
When we finally hear the song
We all craved so long
And got the words all wrong.

When it's all said and done
And time to pay for my sins,
I hope I don't regret
What I'm paying for.
And that I don't want more.

I always fancied myself as perceptive but I guess that rule doesn’t apply when you’re looking at things you don’t want to see; or at least a situation you don’t want to be real.


  1. Anonymous5:44 pm

    Hi... I like your work.

    Just a quick question... who's the Darcy Day in the missive? As it happens to be my name too...
    A strange happenstance no doubt.



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