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Post-graduation. One wish for certain is the desire to open and/or run a dance studio in the long run and prior to that, anything goes. Having considered short term ideas, such as Peace Corps and the UN Development group, PC lingered on the mind for months. After collecting testimonies from over a dozen current and former corps members came to the conclusion the good (tangible progress), bad (limitations), and ugly (struggles and illnesses) are extremely unique for every person involved, in every program, in every country, and at their own given time. I've gone ahead with the extensive application, just to see if anything is revealed in the process and meanwhile I'll rest in comfort knowing they accept applicants of any age.  As for the UN, I simply cannot imagine better company goals.

I hope to work up capital and establish streams of allocation to poverty and gain more study in Spanish (still researching programs to teach english in Buenos Aires). I'd love to dance the Tango and become eloquently fluent. Additionally, there's a renewable energy interest - and the need I see for what I dub an 'implementation team,' hired by producers of alternative fuels (biodiesel, ethanol-blends, etc) to lobby governments and present a case of cost-structure and conversion strategies to distributors while reaching out to consumers, raising awareness and urgency on the cost and environmental benefits, yada yadda. The UK, and specifically London, is the current place to which I'd move in a heartbeat, so I've proved for positions in global companies and Olympic committees. Basically I'm just waiting/praying for a combination of any of these things to piece together. It's a beautifully panoramic view but while the openness of possibility is thrilling, I'm feeling anxious to dive in and tread water. I'm considering starting with Oil and Gas Marketing in Houston for three months with Anadarko.

...exploits and prospectives.


  1. Wow...there are definitely a lot of options for you to choose from. I think they're all good! If it were me, I would go and make some money because I have none. And then take another look at what's out there. But I'm all with you and all for you, and I think, if something opens up in London...go! I'd love to go to London too, I'd love to go anywhere, I just feel this overwhelming urge to get out of town!

  2. This is Patrick Macomber. I stumbled here from facebook. I would say that achieving your dream is great. Do what you can before you're tied down.. and make sure you love what you're tied down to. I would absolutely head to UK.. it's amazing.

    I always wanted to open an artists playground, for graphiti artists, painters, dancers, singers, and all creatives to play around, sections to educate. But for now I'm gonna try to find an art direction or graphic design job in Chicago.

    Or anywhere.. whatever. later. good luck


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