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Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

Traveling with the Australian Spirit Association we had our share of downshifting with the Aussies and their many Architectural-points-of-great

To explain the rather bizarre schedule, we're a company of 26 performers (cheerleaders and dancers), two coaches, and six chaperons. The girls on our team vary in age; our youngest (most talented and adorable) members are only 8 years old! I'm confident that we will be thoroughly entertained by anything that comes our way so definitely let me know if you have any ideas. The rough outline of our plans, consists of various performances and clinics, plus a few tours with the entire program. We arrive early June 14 and performances are set to end at 1:30 pm. The younger girls have a photo shoot following; the rest of us are free all afternoon!

June 15
'Today' show performance, followed by clinics, free time in the
afternoon, night tour of Sydney Tower

June 16
Day trip to the Blue Mountains (Scenic World, Edge Cinema, The Three Sisters)

June 17
4:30 departure for Toyota Park, Cronulla for NRL pre-game performance
Sharks v Roosters

June 18
Clinics at Olympic Park, 'Sportsworld' airing
Night club performance Darling Harbour

June 19
Clinics at Olympic Park
NRL half-time performance (Bulldogs v Raiders)
Night Club Performance

June 20
Morning Harbour Bridgeclimb

Dearest mates,

We traveled two days to arrive (yes, I slept almost the entire time) in one of the most refreshing and welcoming places I've ever visited. Held and fed an alligator, coached clinics, taught a guys rubgy team to 'stunt,' went on a radio show - Kim set me up for this win a date with the Texas Cheerleader promo which won me an evening with a fireman tri-athlete at a beautiful restaurant in Darwin on the beach.

Clinics are going well, Ah im still alive. very much alive! Can't even tell you how incredible it has been to be part of this ALL. Sydney, the harbour (we climbed the bridge-breathtaking) and the nightlife, have by far hosted my favorite moments. we're currently in brisbane, performing at themeparks and in steve erwin's croc pit. to catch you up a bit from darwin, the firefighter date (, we ate at la beach (and were treated wonderfully) but when it was time to part ways our driver got another call so we were picked up by the firetruck (fully loaded with the guys on duty) so we made a stop by the fire house before being dropped off (in a matter of seconds - they received a call and we were thrown out). our hip hop performance that night was one of my favorite venues to date (a place called discovery that reminded me of the carnival cruise theatre - they ask us to stay for a second show and hosted us upstairs in a killer vip room. today i held a roo and a koala, and dropped from the largest free fall ride in the world (as of 1999) but above all attractions, venues, and performances, the Aussies amaze me. they have treated us so well; the conversations are humbling, refreshing, and enlightening. the kids here amaze me wanting to soak this up so badly.

We may get our first day off (yet) this weekend. i love the pace, the spontaneous calls/requests we get, the response, and the adventures. and i feel like i could tour for years. i finally got an aussie cell. Aside from Team commitments, I'm totally flexible and am definitely up for all
festivities! peace, joy, laughter and love from oz. I'm absolutely thrilled right now. I think I'm about to fall...


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