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Ruby Slippers

Sometimes you fly so high, you just can't find a place to land.

Why are lost things are always in the last place we look?
Be it not because when we find them we stop looking.
I'd much rather believe that when we stop looking, they find us.

When we look for things specifically, we miss things specifically designed FOR us.

So, where have I been you ask.
In thought and in love.
Night has taken me hostage,
While lyrics delivered company from above.

The night is my time;
the music, my rhyme.

So many things revealed as I face the affair.
Sorting it all out, I'll return to live life's flair.

I'm not waiting to write my life, or even writing to unlock it.
Just a few things randoms I hold, my not-so-empty locket.


Of all the things that penetrate bliss,
Taking in too many risks far too much we'll miss
So lately i've ben thinking, yes scary i know
Yet in the heart, such a swell, of the thoughts we let grow

The only conclusion I've made is bunk
and following the rant I …


I could never ask for more than to be encouraged and challenged in the faith.
After reading through James 1 tonight and discussing it a bit with the Community Group (AustinStone), four things continue to linger on my mind.

On doubt:
Have none.
None. Pretty intense. I hate when I fail to think beond the abilities and limitations of human realm.
I'm rather convinced that God may frequently laugh at our specific prayers.
For when we recall instructioins to seek, we knock and become too focused upon what WE wish to find.
Expectations, cultural definitions of success, and routine in our daily lives do so well to cloud the heart and blind us of God's surprises, gifts, and invitations. And how limiting is that! ...Especially considering that without God, and relatively, we're all idiots anyways.
So much is there to fuel us.
And when we seek his will, it's always easier to find his way.

On perserverance:
GOD does not tempt us, our own evil desires do in his absence.
People don't…


Lovely the way people don't leave our paths without footprints.
...And what's more, the way memories or thoughts of them cross our minds at opportune moments.

Thought I'd share a few words received in a message from BenD today, catching up and what not in regards to SpringBreak.
Ben, heavy in the hiphop scene as I bee-bopped to British, Scottish, Canadian, French, and Singer/Songwriter sets, happened to gather something quite familiar to what struck Brittanie and I so frequently in the SXSW setting.

'When times move fast it's because you are letting time get the best of you. Love and live every moment of it- dont be afraid to dream - its dreamers that change the world.'

I know there's nothing that could stop this guy from doing what he desires and decides as truth.
As only Ben could say... wuhn luv

Spring has Sprung

First day of Spring, and after a bit of tidying following the Frenchies' departure over the weekend (miss them so), I'm stripping down. The only things I wish to hold to look back on, are photos and handwritten cards. The rest engrained in the heart, digitized, or recycled - a new season's Resolution.

We miss a lot of things while we're turned around hence a quote for the day, from Satchel Paige, "Don't look back. Something might be gaining on you."

Here's to looking onward, and ole' Billy Shakespeare, "We know what we are, but know not what we may be."